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In October 2012,  the Lord spoke to Dr. Corey C. Toney Sr. and he accepted his calling to become a pastor. Dr. Corey C. Toney Sr. was licensed and ordained under the leadership of Bishop Ray Campbell who declared that this man of God was indeed capable and ready to proclaim the word Of God.

Dr. Corey Christopher Toney (C.T.) was born December 18, 1969 in Dallas, Texas. He attended public school in the Dallas Independent and Wilmer Hutchins Independent School District and graduated from Justin F. Kimball High School in 1988. Dr. Toney was ordained as a deacon at the Rock Hill Baptist Church LaRue , Texas in August 2002 under the leadership of the late Pastor F. F. Toney where he served faithfully for 13 years.

Dr. Toney attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston, Texas to satisfy the love he has for auto and diesel mechanics. He completed his certification training graduating in 1989.

On April 11, 2009, Dr. Toney received the Doctorate of Humanity from the Dallas Ft.Worth Bible Institute & Seminary. In June of 2013 Dr. Toney received a Bachelor of Arts in Divinity from Vision International University.


On June 21, 2014 Dr. Toney received a Master of Arts Degree in Divinity from Vision International University and was named Salutatorian.


The Ultimate Family man, Dr. Toney is married to First Lady, Clarette LaShawn Toney since Dec. 2003 and they are the proud parents of Cortaisa, Kiara, Kaci and Corey Toney II.


He currently serves as the Founder, Pastor, and ­Teacher of  New Leaf Family Church.